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Good Vibe

Modern architecture with an edgy twist has attracted the eye of a hungry real estate market to Vibe Palm Springs.

Palm Springs has always had that escapism tag as a getaway destination. People still want to escape to the desert city, but now it’s with a sense of permanence. What is catching their eye is the centrally located mix of 72 single-family homes and 91 condos called Vibe Palm Springs.

“We wanted to create modern architecture with more of a modern, edgy twist,” says Mario Gonzales, CEO and founder of GHA Companies, a Coachella Valley based home builder that engineered the look and is in the process of building the single-family residences.

“So that was the approach when we started this thing and a lot of curb appeal, a lot of details, and obviously a modern facade. And Palm Springs certainly is a place that people are attracted to this architecture. So we felt that what we designed fit right in with the market and it obviously did.”

The numbers so far are convincing and reflective of a desert real estate market that has taken off well beyond anyone’s expectations in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. “We’ve exceeded our projections,” Gonzales says. “And so we’re hoping that by the second quarter of 2021, we’ll be all wrapped up with the project.”

More than two-thirds of the homes have already sold, and GHA Companies recently received the Pacific Coast Builders Conference 2020 Gold Nugget Award for ‘Residential Detached Collection of the Year’. The award recognizes how design, planning, and development improve local communities.

“Certainly it was flattering, but also a testimony to my team and our culture of developing quality communities,” Gonzales says. “And one thing that I think we do very well is we pay attention to detail. I think that we had a really good understanding what the market was looking for, and I think we’ve successfully produced that. So that was very rewarding.”

Located just 1.5 miles from downtown Palm Springs, Vibe still manages to create an insulated community. “It’s in a great neighborhood,” Gonzales agrees. “Across the street, we have great properties that are acre plus. We’re west of the airport so we don’t get much sound from the airport. The wind typically blows from the northwest down to the southeast. We’re close enough to the city, but yet far enough not to be within all the traffic and the noise.”

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